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General & Family Dentistry in Salt Lake City, UT

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We offer a variety of dental services and procedures to address the dental concerns of you and your family. We combine quality patient care with the latest technology, thereby treating your problem with utmost comfort.

Same-Day CEREC

If you do not want to wait for traditional dental crowns, you can visit our practice for same-day CEREC instead. The procedure is quick and inexpensive. With the latest CAD-CAM technology, we will take the impressions of your mouth and create ceramic dental crowns to fit them on the same day of the procedure.

Cleanings and Exams

To maintain your oral health, we recommend dental cleaning and examinations. We provide this service to people of all ages, including children. Thus, you can walk into our practice with your little ones for routine checkups and, after examining their condition, we will provide the sought-after treatment for the same. We recommend professional cleaning twice a year for the removal of plaque and tartar.

Kid-Friendly Dentistry

Kids often feel fearful during their visit to a dental clinic. Therefore, we ensure that they feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Treating children at a young age prevents them from falling prey to severe dental diseases in their adulthood. Our kid-friendly dental procedures include fluoride treatment, dental sealants, and others. We also educate your little ones about maintaining their dental health by brushing and flossing their teeth regularly.

Laser Dentistry

We perform dental procedures such as laser gum surgery and laser teeth whitening using laser dentistry for all the patients who suffer from dental anxiety. The procedures are quick and pain-free.


Many people fall prey to periodontitis or gum diseases. If not treated on time, it may lead to severe problems such as gum decay. The most common symptoms of gum diseases include red or swollen gums and bleeding from the gums. We examine the condition of your teeth and gums to find out the source of the problem and then address it properly.

Root Canal Treatment

You may need a root canal if the infection spreads into the center of your teeth. We create a hole in your teeth to remove the infected tissues from your teeth. After removing the dental pulp, we treat your teeth and prevent the chances of further infection.

Routine Dental Care

You need routine dental care to keep a check on your oral health and maintain your dental hygiene. We urge you to visit our practice for routine consultations, and we will recommend a suitable treatment.

Reach out to our dental practice in Salt Lake City, UT, to have a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Bishop. Call us at (801) 274-2500 or schedule an online consultation, and we’ll guide you further.


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