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Root Canal Treatment in Salt Lake City, UT

A root canal treatment removes the pulp, the soft center of your tooth. The pulp is composed of connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that help your teeth grow. Our dentist may suggest this procedure if the pulp has become inflamed, infected, or injured.

What Damages the Pulp?

1. The pulp becomes damaged because of the deep decay caused due to an untreated cavity.

2. When you undergo multiple procedures on the same tooth, the pulp may become injured or infected.

3. A chip or crack in the teeth also damages the pulp.

4. The pulp becomes damaged because of the injury, such as hitting your mouth, meeting with an accident, and others.

The common symptoms of damaged pulp are pain in your teeth, swelling and hypersensitivity in the teeth and gums, and inflammation of the gums.

How is Root Canal Performed?

1. Our dentist will take an X-ray of your teeth followed by administering local anesthesia to numb the area to be treated.

2. We will then place a rubber dam around your teeth to keep the area dry and free from saliva. This dam is made using latex, and it isolates your teeth from the remaining ones.

3. A hole is created in your teeth using a dental drill to reach the infected pulp area.

4. With the help of root canal files and other instruments, we will remove the infected pulp from the tooth. The whole process is performed meticulously to clean the area completely so that no chance of reinfection occurs.

5. After cleaning the tooth, we will dry it with absorbent paper points and fill them with a rubber-like substance known as gutta-percha. The filling seals the canals inside your teeth.

6. Your teeth will now be restored using permanent filling material. After the root canal procedure, we may protect the area with a crown so that your teeth don’t chip in the future.

What To Do After the Procedure?

We will prescribe you some over-the-counter medication for a few days after the procedure. If the pain persists, get in touch with us. In the meantime, you will also be given instructions on what to eat. Avoid chewing hard food items and be gentle with activities like brushing and flossing.

Visit us within a few days after the procedure. We will carry out X-rays to ensure that the infection is gone. If needed, we may also change the filling with a permanent one.


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