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Invisalign Teen in Salt Lake City, UT

Who says that the treatment involving Invisalign is only meant for adults? Your teenage kids, too, can benefit from it as Invisalign has a range of treatment options for teenagers. Invisalign helps to align the misaligned teeth of your teenager, thereby giving them their smile and confidence back.
Invisalign for teens is different from Invisalign for adults. The former is designed to address problems limited to adolescents only. As kids and teens may forget to put their aligners back into their mouths after eating and drinking, Invisalign may not be a perfect treatment option for them. But Invisalign Teen solves this problem. It is because they come with a blue indicator dot, the role of which is to track for how long Invisalign has been worn during the treatment phase.
Another point of difference between the two is the number of aligners that we recommend to each patient. For teens, we will recommend more replacement aligners as they are more likely to damage and lose the trays. We design a customized treatment plan involving Invisalign for your kids after examining the condition of their teeth.

Is There a Right Age for Invisalign? 

We suggest your teen kid opt for this treatment after the majority of their permanent or adult teeth have erupted. In most cases, 12 to 13 years of age is the right age for opting for Invisalign treatment. There is another option of Invisalign treatment that we may recommend to our younger patients who have a mix of their baby and permanent teeth.

How Do Invisalign for Teen Work? 

Invisalign for Teens works similarly to traditional braces or Invisalign for adults by applying pressure on the teeth and helping them shift into alignment. Your kid will be given Invisalign aligners to use for a couple of weeks, after which our dentist will replace them with newer ones. The continuous practice will lead to an even smile.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign for Teens? 

1. Invisalign can be removed during eating food, drinking, brushing, and flossing. Their removable feature makes it easier for your kids to clean their mouths.
2. The invisible appearance of Invisalign improves the self-confidence of your child.
3. When compared to traditional braces, they are less irritating and more comfortable to wear. When you wear Invisalign, you don’t suffer from sore spots.
4. Wearing Invisalign doesn’t call for emergency conditions such as broken wires or cracked brackets. Furthermore, they are easier to maintain.

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