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Dentures & Partials in Salt Lake City, UT

Dentures are a popular restorative option for missing teeth. Whether you have lost multiple teeth or all the teeth in your mouth, you may opt for this treatment option to maintain your physical appearance as well as functionality in the long run.

Types of Dentures

When you visit our clinic for the procedure, our dentist will start with examining your mouth to decide which type of denture you may need. A denture has two types - complete or partial.

A complete denture replaces all your teeth in a full dental arch and is usually recommended for either one arch or both, depending on individual needs. A partial denture is used to replace only a few missing teeth in your mouth. It includes the use of clasps or a thin framework to attach to your natural teeth so that the arrangement fits securely.

How are Dentures Made?

The procedure doesn’t get completed in one visit. It takes a few weeks and multiple appointments after determining the type of denture that you may need. When you walk into our clinic, our dentist will start by taking a series of impressions of your jaw and then measuring the space between both your jaws and how they relate to each other. After this, they will create a model using the plastic pattern, wax forms, or other materials. You will be asked to try the model to check if the shape and size fit you well.

Our dentist assesses the shape, size, and fit of the model before casting the final denture. After the final denture is made, you will be asked to try it. If needful, adjustments will be made to fit everything in place.

How Do New Dentures Feel?

During the first few days, your new dentures may feel a little loose or odd, but with the course of a few days, you will get comfortable as the muscles of your cheeks and tongue will help you keep them in place. If the dentures do not fit you well, visit us so that we may loosen or tighten them as per your comfort.

You are expected to care for your dentures just like you care for your natural teeth. Brush your dentures daily and remove the accumulation of food particles. Practice proper oral hygiene to maintain your dentures in the long run. You can remove your dentures at night. Provided, soak them in water after removing them, or else they may become hard and warp.

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