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Our dentist, Dr. Daniel Bishop, has been featured on various local news programs to talk about the benefits of seeking out a quality local dentist. To learn more about our patient-care philosophies here at Bishop Family Dental, we invite you to watch these short features. To schedule your first visit at our dental practice in Salt Lake City, Utah, contact our team today!

(KUTV) Salt Lake City – Are people receiving the quality dental care they deserve? Daniel J. Bishop D.M.D with Bishop Family Dental stopped by Fresh Living with this answer:

“Many people are not receiving the level of care that they deserve or should expect. I personally have corrected a ton of problems that I see every day from patients who have received dental treatment at other offices. As a patient, you don’t know if you are receiving quality care. I’ve been the recipient of terrible dentistry and had no idea. But as a result, I have had a lot of unnecessary pain and problems that cost more in money and loss of tooth structure than if the treatment had been done right in the first place. The biggest issue is that when someone is working in your mouth, you don’t know what they are doing. You don’t know whether they cleaned up all the decay, were conservative, or whether they are used cheap materials or labs. Also, many people don’t know the difference between private practice and corporate dental offices.”


“Most of corporate dental practices can be identified by their multiple locations and common name. Corporate dental offices are illegal in some states and those states require that a dental practice be owned and operated by an actual dentist. Utah is different and allows business men and women with no healthcare experience to own and operate clinics. As a result, some of these practices are focused on profits and not the individuals who seek care at the facility. Some of these business owners even place restrictions on their dentists, such as what materials they can use and how much time they can spend with patients. To maximize profits, they generally pay for cheaper materials and labs and place pressure on the dentists to rush through treatment. As a result, they may not see and clean up all the decay, they may remove more tooth structure than necessary or place a compromised final restoration. They may also miss problems that will go unaddressed and create issues down the road. Another serious disadvantage in most cases is that they are constantly changing dentists. This is difficult for patients because of the inconsistent care they receive and the lack of a long-term relationship with a health care practitioner.”


“Sometimes, but terrible dental care doesn’t always mean that the tooth will be sensitive. There are a lot of people who are oblivious to the problems happening in their mouth. Even something as simple as not adjusting the fillings and crowns correctly may lead to imbalances in the bite that can change the alignment and pressure distribution on the teeth leading to other problems such as broken teeth, jaw pain, grinding, clinching, muscle spasms, and migraines,” says Dr. Bishop.


“In my practice, I don’t want anyone to suffer like I have, so I provide the highest quality care, which includes taking the time to do things right the first time, taking extra steps and precautions to make sure all the decay is cleaned up. I conserve as much of the patient’s natural tooth structure as I can and build restorations to last. Part of this is making sure I use the best materials, and utilize the best labs so that patients’ teeth look great and function correctly without causing problems down the road. I take 7-10 times the required continuing education each year so that I can know and utilize the latest techniques, materials, and research. I teach my patients all the things I learn, and I explain all the options to everyone equally, regardless of who they are. I take great pride in my work and warranty it in writing, which also helps my patients know that I will do nothing less than the best for my them, especially since I would be spending my time to redo it at no charge to them. Also, I will be a consistent doctor in my practice for the next 30+ years.”

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Salt Lake City — (KUTV) Dr. Daniel J Bishop from Bishop Family Dental visited Fresh Living to help ease the anxiety that can surround vising the dentist.

Dr. Bishop shares why it’s important to seek dental treatment and why he thinks people avoid visiting the dentist.

For patients who struggle with anxiety, Bishop Family Dental has many ways to make them feel at ease. Patients are allowed to choose from hundreds of movies, TV shows and digital radio stations and then given wireless headphones to watch or listen to during their treatment.

The team is willing to answer any questions before, during and after their treatment to alleviate any concerns. You will find a very relaxed atmosphere with a clean and sterile environment. They use a stronger topical to helps patients feel more comfortable while waiting for teeth to fall asleep. There is also nitrous to help them relax, prescriptions can be written to help their anxiety, and they even have a dental anesthesiologist that can help them to be asleep during their procedure. In some cases, we can also use our laser so they don’t have to hear the sound of the drill or feel the vibrations.

To address the concerns surrounding the cost of dental care, Bishop Family Dental helps patients limit the amount of dentistry and the associated costs by making sure that all the procedures are warranted and built with the best materials, techniques, and the time needed to make sure they are built to last.

For more information about the quality care and warranty of Bishop Family Dental’s services, call 801-274-2500.

ABC4 Utah

Utah Dentist Keeps Office Clean & Safe with Steam

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah News) – When it comes to keeping pesky germs at bay, a Utah steam cleaning machine is making a difference in homes and businesses alike.

Doctor Daniel Bishop, Bishop Family Dental, says he uses the Sargent Steam cleaner several times a month, along with his usual daily cleaning methods, to ensure his office is sanitary and safe for his patients.

“We use the Sargent Steamer for everything from cleaning the carpets, the hardwood floors, to the chairs and the walls to even the trim around the doors,” says Dr. Bishop.

Joyce Mathie, owner of Sargent Steam and cleaning expert, says the Sargent Steamer is so incredible and appropriate for businesses and medical offices because it does three things at the same time.

“It cleans and it sanitizes and makes things so much easier for the staff,” Mathie says. “Everyone says they feel so much better knowing they’re going to sit down in something where there are no germs.”

Dr. Bishop says having a clean, germ-free space is important to the overall quality of care he wants to provide his patients.

“It’s clean in the sense that, yes, it looks clean, but also sanitary in the sense that what you cannot see, the bacteria and all the other things, are also killed and disinfected,” says Dr. Bishop. “We notice a huge difference and it makes me feel much better seeing our practice as clean as it is.”

Mathie says her steam cleaner makes cleaning less of a hassle, less stressful physically, and even more fun.

Sargent Steam is offering Good4Utah viewers and readers a special discount of $150 to $200 for the next few weeks when they make an order and mention they saw this segment on ABC4 Utah News.

Visit Sargent Steam online by clicking here.

Phone: 1-800-SGT-STEAM or 801-362-8322


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Cleaning the office with steam as an adjunct to all the other disinfectants we use in our office

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