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All on 4


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  • In all-on-4 implants, four dental implants are placed so as to support a full fixed bridge 
  • All-on-4 implants allow you to eat foods you otherwise couldn't without worrying about teeth damage
  • All-on-4 implants can be considered a better-performing permanent alternative to dentures
  • The bridges used for all-on-4 implants are stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • All-on-4 dental implants help restore the patient's oral functionality and aesthetics and thus improve self-confidence
  • All-on-4 dental implants are designed to look and feel like natural teeth

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All-On-4 Implants - Your Affordable Way To Replace The Entire Arch of Missing Teeth

All-on-4 implants are an innovative way to replace an entire arch of teeth. It offers a permanent, fixed solution to tooth loss. All-on-4 implants are a good option for patients missing most or all of their teeth. They are also a good solution for those who have worn dentures that don't fit well or can't be worn any longer.

How Are All-On-4 Implants Placed?

All-on-4 is a dental implant option that utilizes just four strategically placed dental implants to support an entire arch of teeth. These implants are placed at an angle, similar to a traditional bridge, and fit directly into the jawline for stability. The arch is then attached to these implants with a custom-designed dental crown or a fixed denture, providing a full smile to patients. Since four dental implants are used instead of six to eight, this option is less expensive than other implant-supported tooth replacement procedures. However, it doesn't sacrifice quality in order to save money – all-on-4 comes with the same benefits as traditional dental implants and can offer patients more security in their restorations than removable dentures. This is possible because the dental implants are firmly secured in the jawbone and are not at risk of falling out if a patient sneezes hard or eats sticky foods. Plus, the high-quality crowns and fixed dentures used to anchor the bridge are designed to last for decades with proper care.

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The all-on-4 process begins by surgically placing four titanium posts into the jawbone to help anchor the dentures in place. Once the posts are securely installed, the patient can receive their new set of teeth the same day or in a week or two, depending on the patient's recovery speed. Your dentist may also use temporary acrylic teeth while the patient is waiting for their permanent ones to be made. Once the patient has recovered from surgery, they are able to use their all-on-4 implants to eat their favorite foods without worry of slipping dentures or embarrassing slippage. All-on-4 implants also prevent future bone loss in the jaw that can occur with removable dentures. Patients can also say goodbye to messy adhesives for denture stability and can instead opt for a more confident smile that looks and feels more natural. If you are missing several teeth, to find out if you are a candidate for this or any other dental implant procedure, contact us today to schedule your consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

All-on-4 implant dentures can last for decades, but you must take care of them properly in order to enhance their longevity. For example, you should brush and floss your denture daily to avoid plaque buildup. You should also see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings to keep your smile healthy. Your dentist can also provide you with more tips on how to take care of your new all-on-4 dentures.
Patients who are missing all of their teeth on the top or bottom jaw are ideal candidates for this procedure, which is an alternative to full-arch restorations. Most patients are good candidates for the dental implant procedure, but health factors and medical history must be taken into consideration. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease may not be able to undergo implant surgery. Patients should also be committed to practicing proper oral hygiene to prevent infection and preserve their new smile. Candidates should be in otherwise good health and have a sufficient bone density in their jawbone to support the implant posts. Smoking can increase the risk of implant failure, so quitting smoking is important before undergoing the procedure.
  • Patients will not experience the embarrassment of dentures slipping out of place during speech or while eating their favorite foods.
  • Dental hygiene is simplified because patients do not need to wear a removable denture or retainer at night.
  • The appearance of their face will be restored, restoring confidence and self-esteem.
  • Bone loss in the jaw can be slowed and, in some cases, even prevented with the placement of an implant.
  • Implants can last many years with proper oral care.
  • Dental implants help to prevent the onset of facial sagging that can accompany tooth loss.
  • In some cases, patients may be able to avoid the need for bone grafting if they qualify for this treatment option.
  • Chewing ability is restored, so patients can eat a variety of nutritious foods.
All-on-4 dental implants are implant-supported dentures that are composed of four dental implants that are inserted along the jawbone. The implants are then capped with customized dental crowns so that they can be used like normal teeth for chewing and speaking. When they are fitted into place, patients can enjoy restored dental function without having to deal with uncomfortable or inconvenient denture pastes or adhesives.
Many patients who have lost teeth as a result of aggressive periodontal disease will need to undergo bone grafting as part of their tooth replacement process. This adds an additional step to the procedure but can be crucial for giving you the best possible results.

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