Dental cavities, infections, and accidents can occur at any time, and often result in damaged, chipped, broken, or knocked-out teeth that need to be repaired right away. If your tooth is damaged in any way, Bishop Family Dental will provide you with a natural-looking restoration that leaves your smile looking and feeling just as good—if not better—as if you had all-natural teeth.

While accidents are the primary reason for restorative dental procedures, restorative dentistry includes the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral diseases such as tooth decay and periodontal infection. Your local dentist, Dr. Daniel Bishop, is committed to providing high-quality restorations that allow you to keep your natural teeth instead of replacing a decayed or damaged tooth. This is the ideal solution for your overall oral health.

During your consultation, he will create a treatment plan that works best for your preferences, lifestyle, and schedule. We have a variety of solutions to choose from because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all-solution. Depending on your unique needs and desires, Dr. Daniel Bishop can make recommendations that include but are not limited to:

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are the most versatile dental restoration. They are tooth-shaped caps that surround the entire tooth, allowing you to smile, bite down, and chew without worrying about the appearance or health of the tooth. A dental crown is most frequently used after a root canal or to protect a tooth that is severely cracked or chipped. We are pleased to offer cosmetic materials such as natural-looking ceramic and ceramic on metal for restorations that will have a natural look.

Dental Veneers

A dental veneer is a thin cosmetic shell that is shaped to look like the front surface of a tooth, and is typically used on front teeth that are stained, chipped, cracked, or uneven. It is custom made to the unique contour of your teeth and is bonded to the tooth’s original enamel, providing a long-lasting restoration that makes your smile look whole and beautiful for years to come.


Dr. Daniel Bishop may recommend a dental filling to repair a decayed or cracked tooth. Once the decayed area of the tooth has been removed, our dentist replaces the missing tooth structure with long-lasting filling material. We offer tooth-colored filling material to ensure your restored tooth looks natural and beautiful. Fillings can prevent further decay and restore damaged teeth to their original strength and appearance.


Dental bonding may be perfect for clients who are in need of minor restorations and are looking for a conservative treatment. Dr. Daniel Bishop and our team apply a tooth-colored composite resin to any unwanted chips, gaps, stains, or misshaped teeth. The composite resin used in bonding is then shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth for a completely natural look so that friends and family will not notice your dental work, only your beautiful smile.

Dental Bridges

Gaps in your smile left by missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to shift, affecting your overall bite and causing your smile to look crooked. A dental bridge can be an excellent choice if you are missing one or more teeth because it fills the space and provides a natural-looking replacement. It is made by creating a crown on either side and placing a false tooth between the crowns. We have the technology at our office to provide custom-made, permanent dental crowns in just one visit. Dr. Daniel Bishop will gladly meet with you to discuss your options, and you can choose the best option for you and your schedule.


Dental implants are the closest replacement to your own natural teeth. A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically positioned into the jawbone like a tooth root under the gum line. Each tooth will be made in the same shape, size, and color as the surrounding teeth, achieving a completely natural appearance. The new synthetic tooth will be attached to the metal post to ensure that the tooth, and the finished product is so secure that you can enjoy your favorite foods and active lifestyle.

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, we would be honored if you chose our dentist and dental team for your restorative dentistry in Salt Lake City, Utah. We welcome your call to our office at 801-274-2500, and hope to see you at Bishop Family Dental soon!

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