Ongoing dental care and teaching our patients how to practice good oral health at home is the Bishop Family Dental way. Prevention is the best policy to keep your smile at its best. The best way to start is with a complete dental cleaning and examination in Salt Lake City, Utah. From there, we can work together to work out a plan of action for your overall oral health for the entire family.


Exams for Infants and Children
Infant health starts with Mom. Poor oral habits can increase bacteria production and the risk of transfer to your infant. Schedule your dental cleaning and examination in the second trimester. Schedule your child’s exam with our office before the first birthday or when the first tooth starts. We will discuss an oral health plan that will ensure that with twice yearly exams your child’s teeth will stay healthy. Starting early will ensure healthy adult teeth in the future.

Choosing Bishop Family Dental allows the whole family to be seen and a complete plan of care can be established. A consistent care over the first five years Is important for your child’s care. We offer gentle dentistry to help adults and children feel more relaxed during their appointments.

Exams for Adults

Oral care is crucial for adults. Although taking care of your teeth in your younger years is important, many adults feel their oral health concerns are in the past. Having a good routine at home in addition to regular dental checkups and cleaning can take care of problems before they get severe. The enamel of adult teeth can wear away still making them even more susceptible to cavities and even for serious diseases.

At Bishop Family Dental, we understand that life can get in the way of health care. Please contact our office at 801-274-2500 and we can schedule a convenient appointment and plan of action that will work best for your lifestyle.

Our office remains OPEN and will treat dental emergencies 24/7 during the COVID-19 outbreak to reduce strain on the hospitals
Please call our office at 801-274-2500. If you are unable to reach us, press 2 to be forwarded directly to the doctor.