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Fear of the Dentist is not uncommon. Some of the most dreaded words to be heard at a dentist office are Root Canal. But now there are new technologies available to allow for shorter procedure time and less discomfort. Common causes for a root canal are a cracked tooth, deep cavity or repeated trauma to the tooth. Root Canal means cleaning the canals inside the tooth.

If your Salt Lake City Root Canal Dentist recommends the procedure it will involve removing the damaged portion of the tooth, cleaning, disinfecting it, then filling and sealing it. This naturally can be a scary thought and finding the Salt Lake City Best Dentist to help ease your fears is now easier than ever.

At Bishop Family Dental, our staff is willing to answer any questions you may have to minimize the surprise. You will have a choice of anxiety-reducing options such as hundreds of movies, TV and radio programs or if needed a strong Topical may be used. We even have a Dental Anesthesiologist that can help them to be asleep during their procedure. In some cases, we can also use our laser so they don’t have to hear the sound of the drill or feel the vibrations.

Please contact our office and we will happy to help put a calming plan into action.


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