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Flossing can be tedious, slow, and time-consuming, especially when done on a daily basis. So, is it really worth all the muss and fuss to clean between your teeth every single day? The answer is yes—that in-between is extremely important when it comes to healthy teeth and gums, and flossing is a great way to clear daily buildup.

When you eat and drink, plaque and particles from what you ingest build up around your teeth. If left unchecked, this buildup can breed bacteria, which can damage enamel, cause cavities, and can eventually lead to gingivitis. In extreme cases, diseases like periodontitis can occur if bacteria are left to spread. However, flossing can help prevent decay and other issues by keeping your teeth free of this buildup, sparing your mouth a lot of work in the future.

Flossing in addition to brushing can also keep old food particles out of your mouth, which may improve your breath and contribute to a clean smile. Flossed teeth tend to appear cleaner since flossing removes the plaque that builds up between your teeth. When you floss, you can build confidence and maintain a healthy mouth all at the same time.

If you truly hate flossing, there are other options available as well. Toothpicks can clean gunk from around your gums, and there are dental flossers and battery-powered floss sticks available to help encourage the habit as well.

If you need help, instructions, or recommendations regarding your flossing habits, feel free to contact our own Dr. Daniel Bishop at Bishop Family Dental for assistance. You can call us at 801-274-2500, or visit us in Salt Lake City, Utah, for personalized flossing advice with our dentist.


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