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Teeth whitening is a simple and quick cosmetic dentistry procedure that can give you a whiter and brighter smile. Your teeth can be bleached at home with customized bleaching trays or strips, but the most effective method is to have your teeth whitened in our office. Our cosmetic dentist can supervise your treatment to ensure your teeth are evenly whitened without causing any sensitivity. Our family dental office offers two types of teeth whitening treatments at our practice – in-office and take-home custom whitening kits based on your needs. Read on to learn more about each treatment method!

In-Office Teeth Whitening 

In-office teeth whitening is performed in our comfortable dental office with a protective barrier placed around the gums to avoid irritation. We begin by coating the teeth with a solution containing hydrogen peroxide to break up stains on the enamel layer of the tooth. When the gel penetrates your enamel, it will begin to lighten stains and discoloration for a whiter, brighter smile. This is washed off after twenty minutes, and the procedure is continued till desired whitening levels are achieved. The procedure takes about an hour, and you can go home with a noticeably whiter smile.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Take-home teeth whitening kits are available to take home from our practice, and they include custom bleaching trays to be used over multiple nights to gradually make your smile brighter and whiter. The strength of the bleach in the trays will be less than the strength of the solution used for in-office teeth whitening. These custom trays need to be worn for a specified time every day.  

Both types of teeth whitening are safe and effective ways to brighten your smile and take years off your appearance. We can recommend the best teeth whitening option to meet your needs when you come into our office for a consultation appointment. 

Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening

In just one visit to the dentist, patients can dramatically change the appearance of their teeth. While over-the-counter whitening treatments can be successful if used correctly and consistently, professional teeth bleaching is the fastest, safest, easiest, and most effective way to whiten your teeth.

The benefits of in-office tooth whitening include:

  • Professional-grade gel– We use a powerful bleaching agent that works quickly without causing sensitivity issues.
  • Faster results – In just an hour, your teeth can be up to eight shades whiter. Home kits often require several weeks of regular use to see similar results.
  • Protection from damage– Since your dentist performs the bleaching process, they can monitor how long it is applied and ensure the right concentration of bleach is used on your enamel to prevent damaging effects.
  • Safety – Tooth-whitening products purchased over the counter can contain abrasive particles that can damage your enamel and cause sensitivity and irritation. Plus, if used by children or anyone with gum recession, at-home treatments could irritate gum tissue and cause further erosion.

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